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Using "The Force" in Real Life

UCLA Students Try Brain Hacking! (a Prequel) How many times have you slumped into the perfect position on the couch right before realizing that the TV remote is just out of reach? I hope I’m not the only one who’s thought that if only I try hard enough, the remote will magically get closer to me as if I could use the Jedi force or had X-Men mutant powers. Unfortunately, I’ve always been disappointed. After all, the ability to move things with our brains has always been a fundamental aspect of science fiction, not reality. What’s amazing is that with technological improvements and increasing research on the brain, the idea that a robot could bring me my remote if I just thought about it, or t

CruX Introduces: Neurotechnology

Your two minute introduction to everything a UCLA student should know about neurotech What is neurotechnology? Neurotechnology describes the set of technologies that utilize our understanding of the nervous system (including neuroanatomy and the electrochemical components of neuronal communication) to design fitness, education, entertainment and data collection tools. How might neurotechnology impact me? With the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of academics, if you’re studying anything on south campus, it’s pretty likely you’ll come across some neurotech crossover. From virtual reality to prosthetics to drug design, it’s everywhere. Even if you’re a north campus kid, the political and


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