Leadership Team

Manya Bali

Manya is a fourth year neuroscience major who is excited to complete her journey here at UCLA! With experience in biomedical and clinical research, Manya enjoys combining her knowledge of human biology with emerging technologies. As a past BCI team member and coordinator, Manya can't wait to lead motivated UCLA students on new neurotech projects. She has been fascinated with the brain ever since she took her first psychology class and hopes to expand her understanding of the mind using both bottom-up and top-down perspectives by analyzing and transforming brain wave data. In addition to her academic interests, Manya enjoys baking in her free time and recently learned how to surf!

Naomi Moskowitz
Vice President
Naomi Board Pic 19-20_edited.jpg

Naomi is a fourth year cognitive science student who has a passion for the brain, cognitive processes, computer science and the infinite possibilities when merging these fields. She is an innovator who is excited to join CruX as the Vice President and help invent new BCI technologies. Naomi is also passionate about Middle Eastern language and culture and her Arabic study has taken her across the world to Morocco and Israel where she enjoyed volunteering and connecting with the locals. Naomi also loves to play sports, is a member of the UCLA club lacrosse team and is always ready for a game of pickup basketball. At her core Naomi is an adventurer and problem solver who loves learning through diverse, hands on experiences and hopes to continue creating technologies and traveling the world to make it a better place!

Eugene Yang
BCI Team Co-Coordinator

Eugene is a fourth year Computer Science and Engineering major who is passionate about the intersection between electrical engineering, computer science, and medicine. He is especially fascinated with the complexity of the brain and the use of technology to develop a better understanding of how it works. After working on and leading the hardware team for the past two years, Eugene is excited to expand his scope and work with team members from every subdivision to deliver innovative projects that help to advance the field of neurotechnology. In addition to his academic interests, he enjoys playing the viola and is a member of the UCLA Symphony.

Nicole Lee Yang
Workshop Co-Coordinator
NLY Headshot - Crux.jpeg

Nicole is a third-year Neuroscience student and the General Workshop Coordinator for Crux. As a student and researcher, her goals include developing technology that can ameliorate the impact of neurological disorders and raising public awareness and interest in neurotechnology. She is also passionate about languages and international experiences, having participated in exchange programs in Austria and Taiwan. Nicole always starts off her morning with a warm cup of coffee. In her free time, she enjoys practicing Ballet and Pilates, learning about Astronomy, playing video games, and reading.

Soulaimane Bentaleb
BCI Team Co-Coordinator

Soulaïmane is a third-year at UCLA majoring in Bioengineering and minoring in Neuroscience. He is passionate about neurotechnology and was extremely glad to be able to do what he loves at CruX. He got the chance to lead a team working on the creation of a lie-detector test based on the P300 wave. He is now our Co-BCI Team Coordinator: he holds weekly meetings with BCI Team Leads to make sure the projects are feasible, run smoothly, and are on pace to reach our goals. Outside of CruX, his interests range from playing Quidditch, to watching YouTube videos, to going on road trips with friends.

Tiffany Chen
Workshop Co-Coordinator

Tiffany is a third year MCDB major and biomedical research minor who is passionate about mental health, movement disorders, and neurotechnology. This year, Tiffany is working alongside the executive team in creating and teaching virtual workshops, including topics such as python introduction and signal processing. As a researcher in the BCI team last year, she has found many mentors who continue to guide her and grow her fascination with the intersection of health and technology. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys playing golf, advocating for public health, and developing her patent on a device for Parkinson's Disease.

Archi Bhattacharyaa
External Affairs Coordinator

Archi is a fourth year Biophysics major. His professional interests lie in the intersection between cutting edge computing and neuroscience, particularly using quantum computing and neuroscience to more effectively model neurological functions. He is passionate about neurotech because it is a really fascinating way to combine two fields and create new innovations that can more effectively help people.

David Bakalov 
Events Coordinator 

David is a fourth-year Bioengineering major with great interest in neurotech. He is currently on the premed path with hopes to work in both industry and clinical settings. He has been a part of CruX for two years now and he loves everything this club offers! As Events Coordinator, he hopes to bring interesting guest speakers and collaborative events for all members to enjoy.

Daniel Hong
Outreach Coordinator

Daniel Hong is a second year cognitive science major pursuing a minor in neuroscience. He's interested in the overlap between cognitive science and neuroscience, applied within the emerging field of neurotechnology. As the Outreach Coordinator he hopes to recruit more people into this fascinating field and curate a community of like-minded people passionate about the brain and its technological innovations. He is also interested in the legal aspects of new emergent technologies and hopes to gain a background in neurotechnology through CruX, creating a solid foundation for IP law. Outside of academia, he is passionate about sports, especially soccer, and supports an english-based club, Manchester City.

Dr. Bill Speier
Faculty Advisor

Dr. William Speier is an Assistant Professor at UCLA's Department of Radiological Sciences. His research includes learning about underlying processes in the function of the human brain and creating interfacing software to facilitate brain-machine interactions.