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Frequently Asked Questions

What is neurotech?

Neurotech is an emerging industry that applies the latest neuroscience research to create technology capable of improving people's lives through treating psychiatric diseases, assisting people with mental disorders, and enhancing the

human brain.

What do we do?

Crux fosters leadership, initiative, teamwork, and creativity. Our club focuses on planning and developing our own Brain Computer Interface (BCI), which is a direct connection between the brain and an external device. Essentially, it records brain [signals (input) and translates them to the external device in order to perform a specific function (output). In simpler terms, using BCI, you can control things with your mind! For example, last year a team developed a car that moved based on the user thinking of a direction!

Coordinating the BCI project is a team effort; however, if you're more interested in the administrative side, our board is also an integral part of Crux. Our board focuses on education about neurotech, promoting the club, fostering a community, and facilitating and overseeing the BC project to ensure everything runs smoothly

How do I join?

Check out our get involved page to learn about recruitment!

How hard is it to join?

Our club applications are not highly competitive; however, they are only open once a year. To become a part of the BCI team, attending the fall workshops is a requirement. On the other hand, applications for BCI team leads and positions on the club board are competitive. For more information on joining CruX - click here.

Why Join Crux?

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