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Our Mission

We are a student-led neurotechnology organization at the University of California, Los Angeles. We aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to contribute to the growing field of neurotech via intercollegiate BCI competitions, technical workshops, mentorship opportunities, and networking with academic and industry professionals.


What We Do

During a typical quarter at UCLA, we invite new members to participate in a neurotech workshop series in which we teach them about essential neuroscience, engineering, and other topics. Upon completing the workshop series, students are placed into teams to develop their own brain-computer interface projects. Depending on their interests, previous students have developed these BCIs as a hobby, as technical projects that are presented at Undergraduate Research Week, and as innovative inventions for competitions. In addition, we have informative guest speaker events and fun socials every quarter!

Our Resources

We are a student club of NeurotechX, an international community of neurotech enthusiasts, and we would like to thank them for their support. We also appreciate OpenBCI and Muse by Interaxon because their equipment has been invaluable to our BCI projects.

Learn more about our projects here!

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