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Neurotips for a Productive Quarter

As we roll into midterm seasons, some of our minds may already be drifting towards summer vacation (I know mine is). It’s easy to get distracted when summer is so close, but we have to finish the year strong! So, I want to dedicate this blog post to neuroscience-based tips that can help you not only be more productive, but also make the most efficient use of your time by using study skills approved by the neuroscience field. Create a specific space for you to do your work. I used to start studying in my dorm room, only to find myself staring at the wall five minutes later, my mind drifting off to who knows where. This is because I associate my dorm with sleeping, so I often start to feel tir

Meeting #1 Recap: Halo Neuroscience

At this week's meeting, we discussed a somewhat controversial neuroscience company and speculated whether the company's products and its claims were legitimate, or purely hype. In this blog post, I will incorporate some outside research in order to dive a bit deeper into the questions you all came up with during our discussion. The main areas of curiosity I noticed during the meeting revolved around the safety of stimulation, regulation of such neurotechnology, and the reliability / accuracy of Halo's claims. Neurostimulation: Is it Safe? Neurostimulation, or neuromodulation, is the application of an electrical current to a certain area of the brain in order to alter neural activity within t


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