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CruX Introduces: Neurotechnology

Your two minute introduction to everything a UCLA student should know about neurotech

What is neurotechnology?

Neurotechnology describes the set of technologies that utilize our understanding of the nervous system (including neuroanatomy and the electrochemical components of neuronal communication) to design fitness, education, entertainment and data collection tools.

How might neurotechnology impact me?

With the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of academics, if you’re studying anything on south campus, it’s pretty likely you’ll come across some neurotech crossover. From virtual reality to prosthetics to drug design, it’s everywhere.

Even if you’re a north campus kid, the political and ethical implications of connecting our brains to computers lends itself to endless philosophical debates or at the least, a rereading of the science fiction of the last century.

Outside the classroom, neurotech is being used to study traumatic brain injury in football players, motor disorders, learning disabilities and more.

Where can I learn more?

If neurotech sounds like something you’d like to keep tabs on while you’re at UCLA, CruX is a new student-run neurotech club open to all students with an interest in getting to know more about the field. We meet to discuss innovations in the field, conduct research together in partnership with a UCLA neurophysics lab, and attend neurotech meetups hosted by external organization NeuroTechX. If you’re interested, email us at

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